3 martial arts suitable for beginners
Jujutsu, Kenpo Karate, Kungfu

3 martial arts suitable for beginners

3 martial arts suitable for beginners

Martial arts is one of the activities that must be learned by many people. It’s important to protect yourself from the rampant crime out there. Besides being a self-defense technique, this is also a sport that can improve body fitness.

3 martial arts suitable for beginners

Many kinds of martial arts that you can learn. Different parts of the world have at least one martial art characteristic but not all of them are popular. Only a few martial arts are popularly introduced by the world.

And most of the martial arts are intended for anyone young and old, male and female. Many parents also give their children martial arts learning to exercise muscle and movement from an early age.

There is no age limit for you who want to study. But there are some martial arts that are suitable for beginners. As :

Kenpo Karate

Kenpo Karate is a martial art from Japan which is heavily influenced by Chinese martial arts called kenpoo. In the beginning, karate was first called the Tote, which means Chinese hand. However, because it has entered Japan, the Tote kanji writing changes and becomes the name karate or means empty hand. Martial arts are in great demand in various countries including Asia.


Jujutsu or commonly known as jujitsu is one of the defensive Japanese martial arts. The technique used does not use force to counter enemy attacks but with a deceptive technique so that the attack turns to the opponent.


Kungfu is a martial arts that is highly recommended for beginners. You can learn martial arts techniques to protect yourself. Kungfu is a martial art from China in ancient times. The meaning of this martial arts requires perseverance to become an expert.

It’s not easy to learn martial arts. But being a professional in this martial art will make you even better in life. Because it’s not just about self-defense techniques, perseverance and patience while studying can make you more patient in facing life problems.

The three martial arts are very suitable because many interested people have started to attend the martial arts class.