Buyers beware! With the death of Ed Parker dozens of "American" kenpo stylist have rushed (stumbled - fallen flat on their faces) forward to take his place. They were all sure they where just what the Kenpo world was waiting for:  the new "Messiah".

Ed Parker had not chosen any of them because he did not think any of them were qualified to lead American Kenpo - let alone Ed Parker's Kenpo. Over one dozen Kenpo stylist of varying knowledge and ability tried to rush (American Kenpo) videos to market. Hoping to fill in the vacuum left by Ed Parker. Even one of my former 4th dans formed a Kenpo organization! He put out videos and manuals to show you his “way” of Kenpo. He is now bankrupt and had to close his studio as well.


Most of them claimed: they were not doing it for themselves , they were there to "Unite Kenpo"! Naturally, with them as the "new head"  of American Kenpo (and the high rank that comes with it). They came out with their new manuals and new requirements. They were no longer Ed Parker’s American Kenpo - they had something better: the "new improved" Kenpo!

With so many videos out there, which one do you buy!

When it comes to your choose of the "best" and most "authentic" video tapes on American Kenpo - self defense techniques and Katas you have a choice of one!


Those are the videos by Larry Tatum.

L. Tatum Productions
280 So. Lake Ave. Ste 231
Pasadena, Ca 91101
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Gathering of Eagles - Feb 5,6,7 - Vas Vegas - CLICK

As further endorsement - the greatest recognition comes from your seniors. Larry Tatum at the "Gathering of Eagles" Larry Tatum was seated at the head table - where he took his place - with the other  "Senior Masters" of the Yudanshakai" Above picture - Rt. to Lt. - Sijo Adriano Emperado, Master Tino Tuiolosega, Professor Sonny Gascon, Master Larry Tatum. There were a total of 16: Senior Masters" sitting at the "table of honor". More than 60 "Masters', and "Senior Masters" were in attendance! The "Gathering of Eagles" drew over 1000 Kenpo and Kenpo based system practitioners from all over the world!

How do you know when you are a "Master"?
When the other "Masters" set a place for you at their table"

As the above photo shows - the other "Masters" did indeed set a place for "Master" Tatum at their table!

Larry Tatum was the obvious choice to be the first to represent American Kenpo! Other American Kenpo representatives were awarded "Masters" plaques by the Yudanshakai. In time they too will take their place with the other seniors. None of the "Self Proclaimed" Kenpo master were given any consider by their peers. When you have no credibility with the "Masters" of the other Kenpo and Kenpo based systems where does that leave you?

As further endorsement - everyone there got to spend three days with Larry Tatum and attend his seminars. Everyone agreed - this is the man to "speak" for American kenpo. As several of the "old times" commented: He moves just like Ed did! As we all found Larry and his family were a delight to be around. So much for all the "bad" press all the rivals in Kenpo have been giving Larry for over ten years. At the "Gathering of Eagles" Larry Tatum was doing every thing - helping where needed - giving seminars - signing autographs and answering questions!

Fortunately "Master Larry Tatum's" video tapes are the best on the market.

1. Larry Tatum stated studying directly with Ed Parker back in 1966. He was there and helped Ed Parker developed "American Kenpo". Ed Parker worked and taught Larry Tatum the new material exactly as he wanted it taught. Once Larry was trained, Ed Parker let Larry do most of the training of the other top students including "Jeff   Speakman". Also, Ed Parker had already chosen and designated Larry Tatum to be his successor.  Larry would travel with Ed around the world and United States giving seminars. In addition to this Larry Tatum ran Ed Parker's main studio in Santa Monica for years where he accumulated "thousands" of hours of teaching time!

Which meant Larry Tatum had "done" the Katas and self defense techniques hundreds of time as he taught them on a daily basis!

2. Larry Tatum was very close to the "prime" of his life physically - when the filmed the videos.


3. The production quality of the videos is totally professional! At one time they were Panthers #1 sell tapes!


4. Larry produced his videos shortly after he left Ed Parker to go on his own and open his own studio. Which means all the American Kenpo material that was taught to Larry by Ed Parker was frozen in time! None of the changes made by other instructors after Ed Parker's death would be there! This is about as "pure" as you are going to get.

There will always be a lot of static from the other American Kenpo "wannabe's" who now all claim Ed taught them privately and gave them the real secrets". Then they claim that Ed Parker wanted such and such changed, such as cutting the number of self-defense technique from 24 to 16 (or less) per belt. Wrong! If Ed wanted something changed he would have done it himself.

If you have any doubts check with Mrs. Parker - she will inform you Ed did not teach anyone the "secrets"!


This is where all the "POLITICS" come in! I am not suppose to tell you these things!
It makes Kenpo look bad they claim! Kenpo look bad? Or those claiming to be teaching American Kenpo when they are not!

I have no "quarrel" with those teaching what Ed had taught and calling it American Kenpo.

My problem come with those who are not teaching Kenpo/American Kenpo - but trying to get a free ride by using a name that everyone is familiar with!

EXAMPLE: When you go to a restaurant and order a "Hamburger" you expect to get a "Hamburger"  - not a "hot dog" !! But they explain they are both made from he same type of meat and both are covered with bread! So what's the difference? Hamburger, Hot Dog, all the same!

Why don't they do us a favor - if its not American Kenpo why don't they just give it a different name?


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