The History and organs of all Kenpo Katas (Sets/Forms)
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My advise: Print out this information - its the only place you will find it.
As I surf the WEB I cannot believer all the miss-information about Kenpo Katas. The most miss leading I have seen are about the origin and history of the "Book Set".
NOTE: This is a "Rough" draft - but I want to get this information on the WEB.

Historical Background. I am the only person alive who was there when all Katas  were introduced into Kenpo. (With the exception of Nihanchi 1-2)
Historical background

Kata is a Japanese term. The Chinese terms are Sets and Forms. Original Kenpo did not have Katas but there were over 30 different Sets.  Most of the sets were very short and were used  as "Drills" . . . be used for a specific purpose. A classical example is the "Three Star Blocking Set" which was used to toughen the arms. The most important of all the sets is the "Speed Set". When you are looking down the barrel of a gun and it a matter of life and death . . . this set may save your life. The 3-5 count blocking set is used to practice the 5 major blocks of kenpo. Every class at Ed Parkers would used many of these set.

Below I have listed the of the Katas:
1. In the order they were introduced into Kenpo
2. The order they are now taught
3. The Katas taught by American Kenpo will be in Red.
4. Tracys teaches all of the Katas listed

History of Kenpo KATAS (SETS/FORMS)
Order Introduced and taught in Kenpo
Katas in Red are those now taught by American Kenpo
Historical Note: All original Katas were developed using tradition Kenpo Self Defense Techniques. American Kenpo would not exist until almost 10 years later                    

Nihanchi 1-2 James Mitose 1937

Finger Set (First Kata/ Set created by Ed Parker 1959
       (Moving Finger Set- More about this set later)
Two Person Set - James Lee 1959-60
          Black Belt Set - 2 person set
Got the name Black Belt set because it was the highest Kata required when Katas were required for promotion to Black belt. 1060-61

Book Set - Panther Set/Bunji James Woo 
5 Section Punching Set - James Woo
18 Section Punching Set - James Woo
Tam Tui - James Woo
2 Man Tam Tui - James Woo
Tai Chi - Yang Style - James Woo
Tiger and Crane - James Woo

After these Katas were introduced into Kenpo the Katas to the Right were created . . . using many theories and movements from these classic Chinese (Forms/Sets).

I have been giving Seminars around the US . . . Explaining and demonstrating the origin off all Kenpo Katas. I the future this information will be released on DVD>











  Order Katas were Created and Originally Taught
 Short #1 (4 Shields) 10 Pattern Kata - Woo-Parker 
 Short #2 (Cat Set) Star Pattern
 Short #3 (Single Escape set)
 Black Belt Set - 
Note: The above 4 Katas were the original Kata requirements for "Black Belt"
 Long #1
(Shield and Mace)
 Long #2 Continuous Set
 Long #3 (Double Escape Set)
 Long #4 (Definitive Set)
Historical note of the above Katas (With the exception of the Black Belt Set) All of the Katas were jointly created by Ed Parker and James Woo
Staff Set - Created by Chuck Sullivan

Long #5 - Takedown or Transition Set
Long #6 - Weapons Kate (There are several version of #6)

Historical Note: Ed Parker would created Long #5 and Long #6 in the Mid 1960's - after Ed Parker*  and James Woo when their own Ways
Ed Parker would not created any more Katas for almost 20 years until he created #7 and #8

* Ed - Ed Parker - When I started studying with Ed Parker I was 22 Years old and Ed Parker was 27 - at his peak as an athlete and martial artist.
STORY TIME: When my brothers and I started studying with Ed Parker we asked him what title he want us to use: His replay "ED"!
Historical Note: Many of the top kenpo people refer to Ed Parkers as the "Old Man"!
I never studied with the "OLD MAN". 
The Ed Parker I studied with was a 195 pound - 6 foot tall -slim - trim fighting machine.

Since Kenpo lacked any weapon Forms I spend over 30 years studying with many different Chinese Masters to enable me to add . . . practical Weapon Sets.

Historical Note: When we first started Kenpo (!957) there was a complete lack of any real history of the origin of Kenpo. As it turned out our Heritage came from the Japanese Yoshida Clan and the Kenpo art was based upon the "RENZI" sect of "ZEN BUDDHISM": which was a self defense system that DID NOT ALLOW THE USE OF ANY WEAPONS.

Japanese Sword Set 1964-65
Chinese Sword Set 1964-65
Wong Family Hand Set (Wai Wong)
Dark Room Staff (Doi Wai)
Skylight Staff - Doi Wai
Skylight Spear - Doi Wai
Chinese Set - Master Houng
Little Tiger (Doi Wai)
Butter Fly Knives - Doi Wai

More history and information to be added later