Kungfu Competition Held at Casino Place

Kungfu Competition Held at Casino Place – Kungfu is a martial art from China which is very famous in the world. Not only that, it also becomes martial arts which is often in every film title about combat, and this kung fu is also a martial art that can protect yourself from enemy attacks. This martial art, also often referred to as umbrella kung fu, kuoshu or wushu, is a few hundred fighting styles that have evolved over the centuries in China.

Well, did you know that a casino in Macau holds a martial arts martial arts competition, this competition is held because it is a celebration of the anniversary of the oldest casino in Macau. With this competition, casino enthusiasts will increase. The competition, which was held on June 22, was opened by the Ambassador of Macau, the first match at the casino venue as an international match. The big hope is that this competition can be an inspiration for casino places in Macau.

Kungfu Competition Held at Casino Place

This kung fu martial arts tournament competes several classes. Starting from children to adult classes, both for male and female categories. Although it took quite a long time to prepare and several teams from other countries were unable to attend due to visa issues, this tournament went on successfully until this event ended.

“It is hoped that it will be held regularly every year, including sending invitations to universities in Asia and Europe in other countries earlier,” said the casino manager who is also the head of the tournament. We are preparing for this tournament in about 6 months until it is ready to be held and so far the program is going well.

Several teams that got medals

Until the final standings, the Chinese martial arts team won 15 gold, 1 silver and 1 bronze, the Japanese team won 6 gold, 12 silver and 18 bronze. The Singapore team won 5 gold and 4 silver, while the Malaysian team won 4 gold, 8 silver and 6 bronze.

Kungfu is one of the sports that enter online gambling

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Some Benefits Of Learning Kungfu

Some Benefits Of Learning Kungfu – Kung Fu is a martial art from ancient China. Broad definition, which is something that is long-term and high perseverance Kung Fu is a tradition that has been handed down for thousands of years. In fact, martial arts in Chinese society is Silat or Wushu. The words Kung Fu have been mentioned in superior skills and stubbornness such as culinary experts, planting experts and others.

Some Benefits Of Learning Kungfu

Kung Fu became more popular when Bruce Lee showed off his talent in the Western world. Because of that, it’s like Chinese martial arts. Many benefits of learning martial arts One is to protect yourself where they are.

The first benefit of learning Kung Fu is maintaining your posture well. Doctor Yu Plib (Surgeon of Tha and Kung Fu) said that after going to 10 hospitals in New York, many doctors and nurses turned their backs on them. Kung Fu plays an important role in helping maintain normal posture. Kung Fu can be learned at any age, so you don’t need to worry about being late. To get good posture and bone position, the bones will be stronger and prevent osteoporosis.

Some Benefits of Kung fu

Increase Focus
Increased concentration and focus of your Kung Fu results will be very useful in daily activities, as well as work and increase your enthusiasm. Learning Kungfu will make your immune system and muscles stronger indirectly.

Kung Fu As Meditation and Spirituality
Kungfu, born from the Shaolin Temple, applies the teachings to meditate. The benefits of learning the next Kungfu will make you calmer and practice more solemnly.

Become a Better Person
The results of learning Kungfu will make you more resilient and respectful of time, no longer confused with the direction of life. This will be obtained as long as you intend to sincerely learn Kungfu properly.

Body More Nimble and Balanced
One type of Kungfu, namely Tai Chi which is quite popular for the elderly and young people. Light movements are very suitable to train the balance of the body and certainly healthy.

Healthier and Lose Weight
Doing a lot of Kungfu moves certainly makes your body sweat more which burns fat and calories. The addition of nutrients during the training period will also increase muscle mass. The perceived results will make your body healthier over time.…


Know the History of Martial Arts

Know the History of Martial Arts – Kungfu is one of the defensive martial arts techniques and attacks on unique opponents from China.
The origin and history of kung fu in general can be traced thousands of years ago in China practiced in secret which subsequently extends and spreads evenly to the Eastern regions in various forms and types of technical movements.

But from the news I got that the origin came from a Buddhist priest where this priest used a technique to survive the danger from inside and outside which would be the fierce nature of the weather at that time.
and also this priest survives from the interference of evil people, prisoners and others.

Know the History of Martial Arts

One day the Buddhist priest saw sleepy monks while listening to religious studies,
Since then the Siauw Liem monks were required to practice 18 Bodily Gymnastics moves taken from India.
The gymnastics is intended to nourish the bodies of monks, because they have to sit for hours listening to religious lessons.
The gymnastics turned out to later give a special color to the martial arts of Siauw Liem Sie.

With the passage of time, the martial arts style almost disappeared because many monks forgot about some of the moves given by priests,
but fortunately there was someone who was a martial arts expert with bare hands and weapons into the temple to become monks.
He, who later later nicknamed Ciok Yen Shang Ren,
diligently and earnestly began to fix the 18 forms and mix them with his Kung Fu.
Created a new knowledge, 72 stance, called Shaolin Kung Fu, because it was created in the Siauw Liem temple.

Martial arts are divided into two parts

Since the demolition of the Siaw Liem Sie Temple it expanded its kung fu streams into two streams, namely:

  • Hard Flow
    This flow is widely developed in and to northern China and Mongolia, with the characteristics of movement include:
    attacks that are always offensive and aggressive, while the mainstay or efficacy is footwork (kicks), long and fast jumps.
  • Gentle flow
    This flow developed in many parts of southern China with the characteristics of movement,
    including beatings are always light and slow. The target of a sudden blow is directed to the eye, genitals, solar plexus, and neck area.

Well, if we have seen a film about mandarin,
the neighboring sholin usually uses gentle martial arts that is often used by famous star Jet Lie.

Martial arts are on the rise these days

The rise of a Martial Arts sport today is also an entertainment for many people such as the famous UFC, ONE CHAMPIONSHIP or those in Indonesia such as ONE PRIDE.

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Know the History and Meaning of martial arts jujutsu

Know the History and Meaning of martial arts jujutsu – Jujutsu is the name of one of the martial arts from Japan,

but it is not true if it is said that jujutsu refers to just one type of martial arts.

Ju-jitsu or jujitsu has a basic theory, namely: JU Theory which contains many meanings, including: Weakness or Humility. and Concentration and Art.

Jujutsu are basically defensive forms of self-defense that utilize Yawara-gi or techniques that are flexible,

where attacks from opponents are not dealt with by force,

but by “tricking” the opponent so that the attack power can be used to defeat him alone.

From this Jujutsu martial art, a number of other martial arts were born which had similar defensive concepts,

namely Aikido and Judo, both of which also originated from Japan.

Know the History and Meaning of martial arts jujutsu

Jujutsu consists of various styles of Ryuha,

but in general it is divided into two styles, namely traditional and modern.

The movements of these two styles of Jujutsu are almost the same,

but the moves of modern Jujutsu have been adapted to the situation of self-defense in modern times,

whereas traditional Jujutsu moves usually reflect the situation of self-defense when the Jujutsu flow in question was created.

For example, Jujutsu that was created in the Sengoku Jidai period (before the Tokugawa Shogun came to power) emphasized fighting on the battlefield by wearing armor (called Yoroi Kumi Uchi),

while those created in the Edo period (after the Tokugawa Shogun came to power) emphasized martial arts using everyday clothes (Suhada Jujutsu).

Study Jujutsu in Indonesia

For those of you who want to learn jujutsu,

you don’t need to fly in Japan just to learn martial arts on this one,

because in Indonesia there is already a jujutsu martial arts center in the Kemang area.

The teacher is also skilled in learning the martial arts of jujutsu, and there are also teachers from native Japanese who will take part in teaching in the martial arts center,

and jujutsu taught in this place is not only traditional but also modern.…

Jujutsu, Kenpo Karate, Kungfu

Get to Know About Kenpo Karate Martial Arts

Get to Know About Kenpo Karate Martial Arts

As you know nowadays there are many places that open courses for self-defense learning. Martial arts learning is actually important, especially for women. Women are strongly encouraged to learn one of the martial arts to protect themselves from crimes that always target the weak.

Get to Know About Kenpo Karate Martial Arts

You can learn a lot of martial arts because there are many professionals who open self-defense courses. Speaking of martial arts, the most popular is martial arts from Japan. Japanese martial arts are widely known to the public as a sport as well as international martial arts.

The most popular one is Karate. Karate is one of the Japanese martial arts that does have a lot of influence from a Chinese martial arts. At the beginning of karate, it was known as “Tote”, which means Chinese Hand. But over time, the kanji changed so that it is now known as “karate” which means empty handed.

If you want to learn karate now, let’s get to know more about karate. There are many types of styles or styles of karate martial arts, the main and most popular of which are the Shotokan, Goju-Ryu, Wado-Ryu, Wado-Ryu, Kyokushin, and Shorin-Ryu styles.

Types of styles or styles of karate martial arts

It’s not easy learning Kenpo Karate martial arts. You must master this martial art based on his abilities. Many techniques and moves that you must learn or memorize. Not a little, so it takes a long time for you to become a professional in karate.

Because much needs to be learned according to ability, athletes are given levels according to their abilities. These levels are marked with the color of coir in special karate clothing. Like schools, to raise the level of the belt, you will be given an exam to prove your ability to improve your martial arts better or not. The lowest levels in the karate belt are: white, yellow, orange, green, blue, brown, and finally the highest is the black belt.

There are many techniques that you need to learn, starting from the basics, moves, battles, and even you will also be taught how to use a stick. Not just an original movement but moves to fight the enemy.…

Jujutsu, Kenpo Karate, Kungfu

Benefits of Learning Martial Arts

Benefits of Learning Martial Arts

Martial arts is one sport that has a basis similar to a fight but with the right technique. Not for crime, but martial arts techniques are usually used to protect themselves from widespread crime. Not only for men, women can also learn martial arts because women are more often victims of crime.

Benefits of Learning Martial Arts

Many types of martial arts that exist in this world. Maybe what you know is the famous martial arts of Japan. You are wrong, besides Japan, China also has a martial art that is quite popular, namely Kungfu. Kungfu is a martial arts originating from China in ancient times.

Formerly, martial arts is a term in tenacity or expertise, but its popularity has been increasingly known since Bruce Lee displayed his ability so that it began to be regarded as one of China’s martial arts.

There are many benefits that you can get from learning martial arts, as follows:

When talking about what are the benefits of martial arts may not be enough in one article because in self-defense we can make our bodies healthy and fit.

There are many examples that we can take from the benefits of martial arts, one of which is an online slot member from Virtual88bet.com who do a lot of martial arts and now their bodies are healthier and fitter.

For more complete information about the benefits of martial arts read our article below.

Increase Focus

Kung Fu movements do require you to focus on your opponent. That way your concentration will increase so it is useful for work and other activities.

Make yourself more calm

Kungfu is useful for calm yourself facing anything. Because usually learning martial arts requires meditation for relaxation so that the mind is free from burden. All anxiety will be overcome because meditation is very beneficial for calm yourself.

Better Personality

Kungfu teaches you to work hard and be disciplined. So you will get the benefit of a change to a better person to live your life. This learning will make you tough and respect anything including time.


The techniques taught in martial arts are unique but learning is not as easy as you think. Many movements to make yourself more active and agile.

Martial arts techniques also teach about balance in movement. So it will be beneficial for health.

Easy to do something thanks to Kungfu

Because martial arts learning techniques include concentration, focus, balance, and perseverance. This will be a key that will make it easier for you to do your daily activities because physical endurance will increase and concentration will make you more professional.…

Jujutsu, Kenpo Karate, Kungfu

3 martial arts suitable for beginners

3 martial arts suitable for beginners

Martial arts is one of the activities that must be learned by many people. It’s important to protect yourself from the rampant crime out there. Besides being a self-defense technique, this is also a sport that can improve body fitness.

3 martial arts suitable for beginners

Many kinds of martial arts that you can learn. Different parts of the world have at least one martial art characteristic but not all of them are popular. Only a few martial arts are popularly introduced by the world.

And most of the martial arts are intended for anyone young and old, male and female. Many parents also give their children martial arts learning to exercise muscle and movement from an early age.

There is no age limit for you who want to study. But there are some martial arts that are suitable for beginners. As :

Kenpo Karate

Kenpo Karate is a martial art from Japan which is heavily influenced by Chinese martial arts called kenpoo. In the beginning, karate was first called the Tote, which means Chinese hand. However, because it has entered Japan, the Tote kanji writing changes and becomes the name karate or means empty hand. Martial arts are in great demand in various countries including Asia.


Jujutsu or commonly known as jujitsu is one of the defensive Japanese martial arts. The technique used does not use force to counter enemy attacks but with a deceptive technique so that the attack turns to the opponent.


Kungfu is a martial arts that is highly recommended for beginners. You can learn martial arts techniques to protect yourself. Kungfu is a martial art from China in ancient times. The meaning of this martial arts requires perseverance to become an expert.

It’s not easy to learn martial arts. But being a professional in this martial art will make you even better in life. Because it’s not just about self-defense techniques, perseverance and patience while studying can make you more patient in facing life problems.

The three martial arts are very suitable because many interested people have started to attend the martial arts class.…