Know the History of Martial Arts

Know the History of Martial Arts

Know the History of Martial Arts – Kungfu is one of the defensive martial arts techniques and attacks on unique opponents from China.
The origin and history of kung fu in general can be traced thousands of years ago in China practiced in secret which subsequently extends and spreads evenly to the Eastern regions in various forms and types of technical movements.

But from the news I got that the origin came from a Buddhist priest where this priest used a technique to survive the danger from inside and outside which would be the fierce nature of the weather at that time.
and also this priest survives from the interference of evil people, prisoners and others.

Know the History of Martial Arts

One day the Buddhist priest saw sleepy monks while listening to religious studies,
Since then the Siauw Liem monks were required to practice 18 Bodily Gymnastics moves taken from India.
The gymnastics is intended to nourish the bodies of monks, because they have to sit for hours listening to religious lessons.
The gymnastics turned out to later give a special color to the martial arts of Siauw Liem Sie.

With the passage of time, the martial arts style almost disappeared because many monks forgot about some of the moves given by priests,
but fortunately there was someone who was a martial arts expert with bare hands and weapons into the temple to become monks.
He, who later later nicknamed Ciok Yen Shang Ren,
diligently and earnestly began to fix the 18 forms and mix them with his Kung Fu.
Created a new knowledge, 72 stance, called Shaolin Kung Fu, because it was created in the Siauw Liem temple.

Martial arts are divided into two parts

Since the demolition of the Siaw Liem Sie Temple it expanded its kung fu streams into two streams, namely:

  • Hard Flow
    This flow is widely developed in and to northern China and Mongolia, with the characteristics of movement include:
    attacks that are always offensive and aggressive, while the mainstay or efficacy is footwork (kicks), long and fast jumps.
  • Gentle flow
    This flow developed in many parts of southern China with the characteristics of movement,
    including beatings are always light and slow. The target of a sudden blow is directed to the eye, genitals, solar plexus, and neck area.

Well, if we have seen a film about mandarin,
the neighboring sholin usually uses gentle martial arts that is often used by famous star Jet Lie.

Martial arts are on the rise these days

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