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Get to Know About Kenpo Karate Martial Arts

Get to Know About Kenpo Karate Martial Arts

As you know nowadays there are many places that open courses for self-defense learning. Martial arts learning is actually important, especially for women. Women are strongly encouraged to learn one of the martial arts to protect themselves from crimes that always target the weak.

Get to Know About Kenpo Karate Martial Arts

You can learn a lot of martial arts because there are many professionals who open self-defense courses. Speaking of martial arts, the most popular is martial arts from Japan. Japanese martial arts are widely known to the public as a sport as well as international martial arts.

The most popular one is Karate. Karate is one of the Japanese martial arts that does have a lot of influence from a Chinese martial arts. At the beginning of karate, it was known as “Tote”, which means Chinese Hand. But over time, the kanji changed so that it is now known as “karate” which means empty handed.

If you want to learn karate now, let’s get to know more about karate. There are many types of styles or styles of karate martial arts, the main and most popular of which are the Shotokan, Goju-Ryu, Wado-Ryu, Wado-Ryu, Kyokushin, and Shorin-Ryu styles.

Types of styles or styles of karate martial arts

It’s not easy learning Kenpo Karate martial arts. You must master this martial art based on his abilities. Many techniques and moves that you must learn or memorize. Not a little, so it takes a long time for you to become a professional in karate.

Because much needs to be learned according to ability, athletes are given levels according to their abilities. These levels are marked with the color of coir in special karate clothing. Like schools, to raise the level of the belt, you will be given an exam to prove your ability to improve your martial arts better or not. The lowest levels in the karate belt are: white, yellow, orange, green, blue, brown, and finally the highest is the black belt.

There are many techniques that you need to learn, starting from the basics, moves, battles, and even you will also be taught how to use a stick. Not just an original movement but moves to fight the enemy.…